cVEND compact LTE flex I

cVEND compact LTE

The cVEND compact LTE is the latest member of the cVEND modular kit family. It is also based on the cVEND plug SEPA App as the core module with all interfaces, functions and approvals. Together with a newly developed extension board that integrates all functions of the vending extension board and extends it with an LTE module with integrated antenna and SIM slot as well as an additional proximity sensor.
Together with the robust housing of the cVEND Modular Kit, it forms a compact unit that can be mounted on any surface without protruding into the interior. Thanks to the additional sensor and the intelligent control of all components including the LTE module, the cVEND compact LTE is extremely energy-saving and is ideal for mobile or solar-powered applications such as cigarette machines.
The cVEND compact LTE is only available as a pre-assembled unit for surface mounting.


flex I

The flex I variant contains a fully configured payment OS but no level 2 kernel or applications. The target group are customers who want to implement their own payment applications and card schemes and need suitable, PCI-certified hardware for this. Further applications are closed loop and public transport applications that require a high level of security and performance and want to keep an upgrade path to open loop payment open. Customers can develop both kernels and applications independently and independently of FEIG. FEIG provides SDKs and a compiler toolchain for this purpose.


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Differences between the variants flex I / flex II / OEM / TOPP

  • flex I - Terminal with EMV Level 1 certification and SDK for closed loop application development (upgradable to flex II variant)
  • flex II - Terminal with certified Level 2 Kernels (credit/debit cards) and SDK für open loop payment application development
  • SEPA App - Ready-To-Use Terminal with Level 3 terminal application for the German (i.e. girocard) and European markets
  • Additional Level 3 terminal applications for global regions and gateway connections also available

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