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Payment terminals with housing & OLED display and secure payment OS

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cVEND box+

The cVEND box and box+ models are payment terminals in an extremely robust housing for the standardized EVA section of the European Vending Association. This cutout is not only standard in vending machines but is also used in other areas such as parking machines or charging stations. Prepared machines can be inserted into the cut-out and fastened simply by removing the cover. The box + variant also has an integrated graphics-capable OLED display. For models without their own display, FEIG terminals transmit their display messages to the vending machine's screen using the standardized MDB or ZVT protocol.



The Redsys variant is a ready-to-use solution that was developed specifically for the Spanish market. The connection to the secure payment gateway Redsys is made via the protocol Redsys Vending 5.0.7. In this case, the payment terminals only have an MDB cash register interface. VISA and Mastercard are accepted as payment methods.



The cVEND box is member of the unattended cVEND contactless payment terminal family is used successfully thousands of times in various applications around the globe and is fully EMVCo and PCI PTS approved.


The robust housing with EVA CVS compliant dimensions enables easy installation in multiple indoor and outdoor applications.


cVEND box is electrically and mechanically suitable for various unattended contactless only  applications like Vending, Parking, EV-Charging and Transit.


It complies with MDB Vending standard as well as with transit specifications of global card brands and railway and automotive standards.


It supports open-loop contactless payment cards and mobile wallets from international and domestic payment card brands as well as closed-loop cards like mifare, ITSO, VDV-KA, calypso with the same priority.
cVEND is VISA ready for Transit listed


The step-by-step upgrade concept enables migration from closed-loop to open-loop. Level 2 kernel packages can be upgraded later in field.


Its innovative security concepts with Crypto Plug-Ins supports symmetric and asymmetric encryption, key-derivation and remote key loading and makes cVEND capable for PCI P2PE solutions.


The low power standby mode makes it suitable for battery powered application.



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