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cVEND plug

The cVEND plug is a compact payment module that is available in its basic version without a housing, but also as a partially integrated or surface-mounted version thanks to its modular concept. With approx. 80mm x 70mm it is hardly bigger than a credit card. It is a payment terminal with the latest PCI 5.x and EMVCo. Certifications. In addition to common connections such as RS232, USB, LAN, the module also offers a slot for a μSD card and an expansion slot for plug-in modules. The interaction with the customer takes place via 6 LEDs and a buzzer which is also suitable for noisy environments. Depending on the application, it is available in different software configurations.



The SEPA App variant contains a ready-to-use payment application with integrated level 2 kernels for the German debit card "girocard", credit cards and mobile payment as well as a connection to German Payment Service Provider ("Netzbetreiber")  via the ZVT Poseidon protocol. This variant can be integrated over different interfaces and protocols in all kind of machines and is ready-to-use with a Payment Service Provider contract.


Modular concept for more possibilities.


No matter if fully integrated, partially integrated or for surface mounting - with cVEND plug you have the free choice due to its modular design.

Wherever the terminal cannot be completely integrated into a vending machine with a glass or plastic front, it can be partially recessed with the front housing.

If metal surfaces make integration difficult or if you want to save yourself the trouble of creating cut-outs, the cVEND plug with distance frame and front housing can simply be used as a surface-mounted variant.

For a better user experience, additional information such as accepted payment methods can be intuitively applied to the terminal via front stickers.


Extension options of the cVEND plug:

The Vending Extension Board offers an MDB interface as well as digital inputs/outputs. For example, single-price systems can be implemented via relay control. Maintenance or communication with a cellular modem takes place via the integrated USB host interface.

The SAM Extension Board was specially developed for applications in public transport. It can be used to implement additional applications such as VDV-KA, ITSO, Cipurse or Mifare. The board provides 4 SAM sockets (ID000 format) and one socket for μSD memory cards.



cVEND is used successfully thousands of times in transit applications around the globe.


cVEND plug is designed for flush integration in any kind of non-conducting front plates like Ticket Validators, Driver Consoles, Kiosk-Systems and many others.


cVEND plug is electrically and mechanically designed for transit applications and complies with transit specifications of global card brands as well as with railway and automotive standards.


cVEND plug is fully approved for open-loop payment by EMVCo and PCI PTS


Supports with the same priority open-loop contactless payment cards and mobile wallets from international and domestic payment card brands as well as closed-loop cards like mifare, ITSO, VDV-KA, calypso.


cVEND plug is VISA ready for Transit listed


The cVEND specific secure Linux operating system together with an easy to use SDK and the cVEND Multi-Application architecture makes application development easy and fast and supports open-loop and closed-loop cards totally independent with the same priority.


The step-by-step upgrade concept enables migration from closed-loop to open-loop. Level 2 kernel packages can be upgraded later in field.


Its innovative security concepts with Crypto Plug-Ins supports symmetric and asymmetric encryption, key-derivation and remote key loading and makes cVEND capable for PCI P2PE solutions.


The low power standby mode makes it suitable for battery powered application.





Application Features

  • ZVT Poseidon Host-Protocol with E2EE and V3 Security

  • ZVT ECR protocol

  • Multi-Currency and Multi-Language support

  • Failsafe application and OP-System Update

  • Age verification

  • MDB protocol, Coin acceptor and age verification function (German girocard only)  optional with Vending Extension Board


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