Here we briefly explain all the technical terms for our products.


AFC                                Automatic fare collection
AS                                  Authorization system; one of several data centers of the German banking industry that authorize disposals with eurocheque or credit cards.
BR / Host                    Server / computer to which the POS terminals are connected.
cEMV                            Contactless EMV
CVM                             Card Verification Method
DHCP                            Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DK                                  The German banking industry, the association of the Federal Association of German Volksbanks and Raiffeisenbanks, the Federal Association of German Banks, the Federal Association of Public Banks in Germany, the German Savings Banks and Giro Association and the Association of German Pfandbrief Banks represent the interests of the central banking associations. It emerged from the Central Credit Committee (ZKA) in August 2011 and continues its work.
DNS                               Domain Name System
ec                                   electronic cash
ELV                                Electronic Checks; Payment method with the bank card without entering a PIN and without a payment guarantee
EMV                              Europay, Mastercard, Visa; Specification for smart card-based payment systems - published by Europay International S.A., MasterCard International Incorporated and Visa International Service Association
ESD                                Electrostatic Discharge
IEC                                 International Electrotechnical Commission
ISO                                 International Standardization Organization
LAN                                Local Area Network
MAC                              Message authentication code; serves to secure a message against falsification and attacks
MDB                              Multi-Drop Bus - Vending machine interface
mDNS                           Multicast DNS
NFC                                Near Field Communication
OPI                                 Open Payment Initative
Also an abbreviation for a cash register / machine interface
PAN                               Primary Account Number
PC                                   Personal Computer
PCI                                 also PCI-DSS: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, set of rules of the credit card organizations for processing credit card transactions with regard to the handling of sensitive data
PIN                                 Personal Identification Number; Secret number for the authentication of disposals with payment cards
PINPad                         Keypad for secure PIN entry
PSD2                              Payment Services Directive, Europäische Zahlungsdiensterichtlinie 2  (2015/2366)
rfu                                  Short for "reserved for future use"
RS232                            Radio Sector 232: Standard for the PC serial interface
SCA                                Strong Customer Authentication. Strong customer authentication is required when the user initiates an electronic payment.
SSL / TLS         Secure Socket Layer / Transport Layer Security
SNR                                Serial number: Each terminal with cryptography must have a unique serial number, which it must specify during the initialization procedure.
TCP/IP                          Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol
TID                                 Terminal Number (Terminal ID) – 8 digits
TKM                               Terminal-Configurations-Management; controlling the terminal configuration by configuration diagnosis transactions
TMS                               Terminal Management System
USB                                Universal Serial Bus
ZKA                                Zentraler Kreditausschuss (german); Central Credit Committee; with its sub-organization "POS-Sicherheit" organ of the German banking industry, which grants the approval of the eurocheque card processing for network operators. Now: DK
ZVT       Zahlungsverkehrsterminal (german),
Also abbreviation for the Poseidon interface description
Also an abbreviation for a cash register / machine interface


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