Reliability and security are particularly important for operators. The cVEND terminal family specializes in Tap & Go payment and is designed for contactless girocards, for example. They can be flexibly adapted to the requirements in different markets and thus guarantee optimal handling.

No matter what application you are planning

cVEND from FEIG offers you the right terminal for you


Of course, with FEIG terminals, e.g. at a classic fuel terminal, you can first pay a fixed amount and then refuel for this amount, but as a special feature FEIG terminals support an intelligent combination of pre-authorization and partial cancellation. Since the purchase price is only known afterwards when refueling, but the retailer would like to have a payment guarantee, maximum convenience and security is achieved: the customer shows his card, refuel and drives away. The FEIG cVEND PIN solo is ideal here: compact module with contactless interface and PIN pad for payments even over 50 euros, highly integrated in a single compact housing for flush integration in metal.

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Self-Service Vaccum Cleaner

With our new fixed price function, all vacuum cleaners can really be retrofitted quickly and easily, even if they do not have a connection for a payment system. Simply set up an amount and switching duration and lead the power connection via the relay. And of course this solution is also suitable for other machines at the petrol station, regardless of whether it is washing water, air or window cleaner.

Find the perfect terminal with 3 clicks!

Self-Service Car Wash

All FEIG cVEND machine modules can be used even in a rough environment such as a self-service car wash, thanks to IK10 and IP65 protection. Or even integrate an internal module behind a pane of glass. Thanks to the coin validator emulation, the devices can be easily retrofitted and for complex cleaning programs our “one-price function” also supports a second price, which can be easily switched using a button.

Find the perfect terminal with 3 clicks!

Gas Stations

Fixed price system with relay connection

There are many millions of machines on the market that either do not have a connection for a cashless payment system or only support a mechanical coin validator that emits an electrical boost after a coin has been thrown out. For these applications, FEIG Payment Terminals have an integrated fixed price system with a relay output. A fixed price and the switching duration of the relay are set in the payment terminal. In this mode, the terminal is always ready to pay and after holding the card and successful authorization, the relay closes for the set time. Alternatively, the Impluse can be emulated with common coin validators. Thanks to this innovative function, all key-based machines can be equipped with a modern payment system in a simple, uncomplicated and on-site manner.


Billing of several charging points with ONE terminal

cVEND terminals allow billing of several charging points with one payment terminal. The intelligent implementation of the "pre-authorization & partial cancellation" function allows several customers to charge at the same time. For this purpose, a maximum payment amount is reserved on the host (pre-authorization) and the customer can start charging after choosing his charging point. At the same time, the terminal is released again for the next customer. So while one customer is charging, the next customer can start charging immediately. After completion of the respective charging process, the pre-authorization is automatically terminated and the exact payment amount (less than the pre-authorization amount) is debited from the card account, without the card having to be presented again. 

One terminal can control to 30 charging points and there is no need to equip each charging point with a separate payment terminal.

In use worldwide - always with the right software.

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Differences between the variants flex I / flex II / OEM / TOPP

  • flex I - Terminal with EMV Level 1 certification and SDK for closed loop application development (upgradable to flex II variant)
  • flex II - Terminal with certified Level 2 Kernels (credit/debit cards) and SDK für open loop payment application development
  • SEPA App - Ready-To-Use Terminal with Level 3 terminal application for the German (i.e. girocard) and European markets
  • Additional Level 3 terminal applications for global regions and gateway connections also available

"Made in Germany" Quality

FEIG ELECTRONIC has been a development partner and specialist in contactless identification (RFID), control electronics, traffic sensors and payment terminals for more than 50 years. From our headquarters in Weilburg, Germany, the ca. 400 people who work for us contribute to technological progress by developing innovative solutions for a wide range of applications and industries.

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