Paying parking tickets with cash is commonplace - but much less practical than the contactless alternative. This applies to both users and operators of parking garages and parking lots. Whether looking for change or securing cash, cash handling is complex, time-consuming and costly. Contactless solutions using NFC technology make the payment process at the cVEND payment terminals pleasant, fast and secure.


No matter what application you are planning:

FEIG offers you the perfect cVEND terminal

Parking Garages & Hotels

FEIG offers comfortable and safe solutions for everything to do with parking. The cVEND PIN with optional hybrid card reader for the pay machine with support for international cards and payments over 50 euros up to the compact payment column on which the terminal cVEND box + is installed. Of course, also with support for existing parking or season tickets or apps in the smartphone. ... or you can do without a pay machine and use our pre-authorization function. The customer uses his bank card at the entrance to open the barrier, the terminal makes a pre-authorization and generates a secure token. After parking, the customer drives straight to the barrier, the token is used to determine the parking time and the purchase price in the backend, the pre-authorization is canceled and the parking fee is paid - all by briefly holding an NFC card or NFC app.

And even that is even easier: With FEIG RFID systems and transponder stickers with AES encryption behind the front window, barriers open automatically when entering and exiting. Thanks to lane detection and reading ranges of over 10 m, even without stopping. You don't want to have your autonomous car blocked unnecessarily in the future.

On-street Parking

With the cVEND box, FEIG offers the perfect solution for compact parking meters, small and
robust, optionally mounted invisibly behind glass or plastic, a cVEND supports direct payment with all common NFC cards or smartphones. Thanks to a transparent NFC channel, you can also pay with parking apps, so there is no need for a second RFID reader. Thanks to the modular housing concept, there is always space. In addition, FEIG terminals are extremely energy-saving and wake up automatically (sleep mode) for payments, so that even purely solar or battery-operated machines can be equipped with a cashless payment system.

Access Gates / Barrier Systems

For multi-storey car parks and parking lots, modern entry and exit systems are becoming more and more popular in addition to the classic use of parking tickets and pay machines. For these applications, FEIG terminals offer innovative functions in which a parking ticket can be completely dispensed with. Customers use their existing debit / credit card or smartphone to open the barrier via the cVEND terminal and pay directly at the exit after parking. Thanks to the possibility of integrating contactless parking cards or hotel room cards, these systems are also ideal for urban parking garages or the hotel industry.

With FEIG RFID systems and transponder stickers for the windshield, completely automated parking solutions can also be implemented, in which the barrier opens automatically when driving in and out. FEIG offers RFID systems for HF and UHF for integration into existing parking systems or stand-alone complete solutions.


Power saving mode

Modern parking machines on the roadside are increasingly being operated with solar cells and batteries. Up to now, modern cashless systems have not been suitable for this, as their complex and constantly active system and online connection via mobile radio consume significantly more electricity than, for example, a coin acceptor. With the cVEND terminals, FEIG has an extremely energy-saving variant in its program, in which an additional sensor can wake up not only the terminal but also the machine from the idle state.



The tokenization ensures that sensitive data such as the credit card number is never used in plain text during the payment process. FEIG terminals generate a token that cannot be converted from each card number, i.e. a replacement number. In addition, the terminals generate an encrypted data record for each transaction, which is sent to the network operator or acquirer (Payment Service Provider, PSP) via a separate channel (E2EE). The encryption algorithm is changed again for each transaction.


Differences between the variants flex / TOPP/DE / Redsys / NMI

To help you find the right terminal for your application, we offer our cVEND payment terminals in different configurations.

The flex version is a developer version. It comes with a fully configured payment operating system. Two SDKs allow you to integrate individual closed-loop and open-loop applications as needed.

We also offer a range of ready-to-use terminals that can be integrated quickly and easily. The TOPP and DE variants have a German payment application and are ideal for terminals that will be used in Germany. With the Redsys variant, we have designed payment terminals specifically for the Spanish market. The NMI variant, on the other hand, enables integration in almost all European countries via the NMI Payment Gateway.

"Made in Germany" Quality

FEIG ELECTRONIC has been a development partner and specialist in contactless identification (RFID), control electronics, traffic sensors and payment terminals for more than 50 years. From our headquarters in Weilburg, Germany, the ca. 400 people who work for us contribute to technological progress by developing innovative solutions for a wide range of applications and industries.

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