Searching for coins at the ticket machine is a thing of the past. Cashless payment has become a matter of course in public transport applications, so that corresponding payment terminals are used everywhere.


FEIG terminals can be installed on ticket machines, access barriers, driver terminals or validators and thus cover all possible areas of application. FEIG terminals are the first choice for public transport applications. When it comes to equipping validators with contactless payment terminals for Account Based Ticketing (ABT) applications, FEIG is one of the market leaders with many thousands of terminals sold on all five continents.

Together with the multi-application architecture, 4 SAM sockets and other specific features, FEIG terminals offer the perfect service package for public transport applications. FEIG terminals support closed-loop and open-loop payment methods at the same time. Without prioritization, contactless customer cards (e.g. AVS) or e-tickets (e.g. VDV) are read out just as quickly as contactless debit or credit cards. This leads to maximum processing speed.

No matter what application you are planning:

FEIG offers you the perfect cVEND terminal

On-Board Unit

For paying for tickets to the driver, checking e-tickets or checking in via Tap & amp; Go mainly cVEND plug terminals are used. Various module housings are available with the cVEND Modular Kit for quick retrofitting (e.g. due to the current corona pandemic).


Checking electronic tickets or checking in via Tap & Go (Account- / ID-Based Ticketing) on the validator mostly enables the vending machine module cVEND plug. Equipped with the smallest possible form factor, the module disappears almost completely in the validator and only the 28.5 mm large, round contactless symbol remains visible.

Ticket Vending Machine

In principle, all cVEND terminals can be integrated into ticket machines. Depending on the interface (MDB), material (plastic or metal) or space available for integration, you can use the appropriate FEIG terminal. For amounts over 50 euros, the cVEND PIN is also a PIN pad terminal with an optional hybrid card reader.

Access Gates / Turnstiles

The maximum processing speed of the FEIG terminals comes into its own at access barriers. Since closed-loop tickets and open-loop cards are read out at the same time, there are no traffic jams even at peak times. Because of their robust housing, the cVEND box terminals are primarily used here - with or without a display.


Transparent Channel Application (TCA)

FEIG has been in the RFID business for around 30 years and knows how widespread closed-loop accounting systems are and what quality such systems must be. In addition to SDKs for creating closed-loop-based applications and a transparent channel in FEIG payment applications for communication with an ISO14443 chip card, FEIG offers the "Transparent Channel Application" another option for customers to communicate with such chip cards - via its own application that operates completely independently of the actual payment application. As a result, the solution is extremely high-performance and can be implemented directly by the system integrator, independently of FEIG and the payment application.



The tokenization ensures that sensitive data such as the credit card number is never used in plain text during the payment process. FEIG terminals generate a token that cannot be converted from each card number, i.e. a replacement number. In addition, the terminals generate an encrypted data record for each transaction, which is sent to the network operator or acquirer (Payment Service Provider, PSP) via a separate channel (E2EE). The encryption algorithm is changed again for each transaction.


Differences between the variants flex / TOPP/DE / Redsys / NMI

To help you find the right terminal for your application, we offer our cVEND payment terminals in different configurations.

The flex version is a developer version. It comes with a fully configured payment operating system. Two SDKs allow you to integrate individual closed-loop and open-loop applications as needed.

We also offer a range of ready-to-use terminals that can be integrated quickly and easily. The TOPP and DE variants have a German payment application and are ideal for terminals that will be used in Germany. With the Redsys variant, we have designed payment terminals specifically for the Spanish market. The NMI variant, on the other hand, enables integration in almost all European countries via the NMI Payment Gateway.

"Made in Germany" Quality

FEIG ELECTRONIC has been a development partner and specialist in contactless identification (RFID), control electronics, traffic sensors and payment terminals for more than 50 years. From our headquarters in Weilburg, Germany, the ca. 400 people who work for us contribute to technological progress by developing innovative solutions for a wide range of applications and industries.

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