Reliability and security are particularly important for operators. The cVEND terminal family specializes in Tap & Go payment and is designed for contactless girocards, for example. They can be flexibly adapted to the requirements in different markets and thus guarantee optimal handling.


No matter what application you are planning:

FEIG offers you the perfect cVEND terminal

Vending Machines for Snacks & Drinks

The FEIG terminals cVEND box and cVEND box + can be quickly and easily installed in all common machines with an EVA cutout or retrofitted on site. This means that cash systems such as coin changers or bill readers can easily be replaced. FEIG systems also work in parallel to existing cash systems without any problems. In addition to payments, the systems also support numerous other functions such as automatic cancellation. If the machine detects a faulty issue of goods, the payment is automatically canceled without the customer having to show his card again.

Table-Top Coffee Vending Machine

For the rapidly growing field of compact table-top coffee machines, FEIG offers the cVEND plug Modular Kit series of payment terminals that can be easily integrated into the machine without the need for a separate add-on housing, as was previously the case. The possibilities range from an invisible installation behind glass or plastic fronts to a partially integrated installation with a small protrusion to surface installation that does not require any installation space inside the machine.

Vending Machines

For all types of vending machines, FEIG offers with the cVEND box purely contactless or with the cVEND PIN a payment terminal that combines color display, PIN pad and contactless interface in a compact housing and does not require more space than a purely contactless terminal. By Tap & PIN, the payment limit of 50 euros does not apply, so that high-priced goods and services can also be offered. An additional card reader for chip cards or magnetic strips is no longer required, but can still be connected as an option. All FEIG terminals also communicate via USB, serial or LAN with modern machine controls so that you are not limited to MDB vending machines and FEIG systems are suitable for vending machines and kiosk systems from all industries.

Water Dispensers / Drinking Water Systems

For the new market of wellness water dispensers and drinking water systems, FEIG offers innovative solutions even for models without an interface for a payment system. They can be retrofitted with our cVEND Modular Kit with a fixed price system an a relay output. All button-based systems can be easily converted and thanks to three different modular housing designs, they can be integrated without an additional external housing.

Cigarette Vending Machines

Thanks to the integrated age verification with the girocard (Germany only) and the housing certified according to the highest vandalism protection class IK10, FEIG cVEND payment terminals can be used in indoor cigarette machines as well as in outdoor machines. FEIG offers optimized versions of the cVEND terminals especially for battery-operated cigarette machines, which are characterized by extremely low power consumption and yet support the BDTA functions for 'wake-by-card'.

Thanks to the seamless integration of hardware and innovative software, the three previously necessary steps - waking up the machine, verifying the age and paying by card - can be solved with just one presentation.

FEIG terminals not only replace the previous solutions based on the cash card / girogo but also allow cashless payment with all common bank cards and mobile payment solutions (NFC apps).

Reverse Vending Machines

For take-back systems, e.g. deposit return machines, FEIG Paymentsystems offer a credit function, in which after the return of the deposit bottles by holding the card in front of the card, a transfer is made to the card account. It is no longer necessary to print out a receipt and go to the cash register. All return systems common in Germany can easily be equipped with this system or retrofitted directly on site.

Additional Data to Acquirer / PSP (BMP43 / BMP60)

On the encrypted connection between the payment terminal and the network operator / bank, in addition to the payments made using the technical standards BMP43 or BMP60, other data can also be transmitted on request. This can be, for example, customer information or links that are passed on to the buyer's account statement or telemetry / accounting data, e.g. which product was purchased. This not only supports telemetry applications, but also enables precise VAT accounting, for example in vending.


Age Verification

cVEND terminals support age verification with the German debit card "girocard". In addition to cigarette vending machines, this function is also usedby the hotel industry and catering industry to comply with youth protection regulations when selling alcoholic beverages at machines. A special German MSAM security module ("Händlerkarte") is required for this function. However, the process is compatible with previously used systems based on the German prepaid card "GeldKarte / girogo".

Important: Age verification with credit cards or the mobile versions of the German girocard based on Apple Pay or Google Pay is not yet possible.

Differences between the variants flex / TOPP/DE / Redsys / NMI

To help you find the right terminal for your application, we offer our cVEND payment terminals in different configurations.

The flex version is a developer version. It comes with a fully configured payment operating system. Two SDKs allow you to integrate individual closed-loop and open-loop applications as needed.

We also offer a range of ready-to-use terminals that can be integrated quickly and easily. The TOPP and DE variants have a German payment application and are ideal for terminals that will be used in Germany. With the Redsys variant, we have designed payment terminals specifically for the Spanish market. The NMI variant, on the other hand, enables integration in almost all European countries via the NMI Payment Gateway.

"Made in Germany" Quality

FEIG ELECTRONIC has been a development partner and specialist in contactless identification (RFID), control electronics, traffic sensors and payment terminals for more than 50 years. From our headquarters in Weilburg, Germany, the ca. 400 people who work for us contribute to technological progress by developing innovative solutions for a wide range of applications and industries.

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