Key management

Secure key management – KaaS – KID - P2PE – KIF - CKID

FEIG terminals offer an extremely high level of security through certification according to the most modern PCI standard. One of the criteria is secure key management. A continuously secured chain is crucial - from the secure production of the hardware, the secure storage and introduction of keys in specially protected production systems, as well as key management and regular automatic key exchange over the entire service life of the terminal. Secure keys are the basis for secure end-to-end encrypted transmission of data (P2PE). For this purpose, FEIG has not only certified the payment terminals but also the German production facility according to PCI KIF. The certification confirms that the security room operated by FEIG ("Key Injection Facility" (KIF)) meets the high requirements of the PCI P2PE standard, ie the electronic key material from payment service providers and customers is kept absolutely secure and in the various cVEND payment terminals introduced. FEIG thus provides its customers with an important component so that they can develop and approve their own PCI P2PE compliant solutions based on cVEND. For the P2PE solution, FEIG acts as a partial service provider for key material as well as the loading of the keys and the customer no longer needs to worry about those security requirements that are already met by the cVEND. In addition, FEIG offers its customers a PCI P2PE-compliant solution for "remote key loading" as a service. This enables new or changed keys to be securely loaded into terminals that are already in field operation.

With the certification, FEIG makes an important contribution to the implementation of simple and secure solutions with end-to-end (E2E) encryption for payment terminals. This makes the operation of payment terminals safer and cheaper because it significantly simplifies the cyclically necessary PCI DSS certification of terminal operators.

Hightech - Made in Germany

FEIG ELECTRONIC has been a development partner and specialist in contactless identification (RFID), control electronics, traffic sensors and payment terminals for more than 50 years. From our headquarters in Weilburg, Germany, the ca. 400 people who work for us contribute to technological progress by developing innovative solutions for a wide range of applications and industries.

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