Age Verification

cVEND terminals support age verification with the German debit card "girocard". In addition to cigarette vending machines, this function is also usedby the hotel industry and catering industry to comply with youth protection regulations when selling alcoholic beverages at machines. A special German MSAM security module ("Händlerkarte") is required for this function. However, the process is compatible with previously used systems based on the German prepaid card "GeldKarte / girogo".

Important: Age verification with credit cards or the mobile versions of the German girocard based on Apple Pay or Google Pay is not yet possible.

ISO14443 support for Closed Loop and NFC cards

ISO 14443 is a globally standardized RFID standard with 13.56 MHz and a maximum range of approximately 10 cm. It is not only used in the classic RFID areas of access control and time recording, but also in payment. All current credit and debit card systems worldwide are based on this standard. Smartphones also use the ISO14443 standard under the term NFC. Another major application is closed-loop payment systems, which are often used for company meals, or electronic tickets in public transport. This common technical basis allows FEIG payment systems to read all cards based on ISO14443. This means that there is no need for an additional RFID reader on the machine.


Digital receipt

For many machine branches (e.g. EV charging) there is a requirement to provide receipts. FEIG cVEND terminals are already prepared for various types of digital receipts, which means that convenience functions that are otherwise only possible via registration and an app can also be used with an open card system without registration. This function currently requires a cVEND terminal with a level 3 app and a connection to a network operator registered in Germany, since the ZVT Poseidon functions Bitmap 43 / Bitmap 60 are used to transmit the additional information.


Power saving mode

Modern parking machines on the roadside are increasingly being operated with solar cells and batteries. Up to now, modern cashless systems have not been suitable for this, as their complex and constantly active system and online connection via mobile radio consume significantly more electricity than, for example, a coin acceptor. With the cVEND terminals, FEIG has an extremely energy-saving variant in its program, in which an additional sensor can wake up not only the terminal but also the machine from the idle state.


Fixed price system with relay connection

There are many millions of machines on the market that either do not have a connection for a cashless payment system or only support a mechanical coin validator that emits an electrical boost after a coin has been thrown out. For these applications, FEIG Payment Terminals have an integrated fixed price system with a relay output. A fixed price and the switching duration of the relay are set in the payment terminal. In this mode, the terminal is always ready to pay and after holding the card and successful authorization, the relay closes for the set time. Alternatively, the Impluse can be emulated with common coin validators. Thanks to this innovative function, all key-based machines can be equipped with a modern payment system in a simple, uncomplicated and on-site manner.


Additional Data to Acquirer / PSP (BMP43 / BMP60)

On the encrypted connection between the payment terminal and the network operator / bank, in addition to the payments made using the technical standards BMP43 or BMP60, other data can also be transmitted on request. This can be, for example, customer information or links that are passed on to the buyer's account statement or telemetry / accounting data, e.g. which product was purchased. This not only supports telemetry applications, but also enables precise VAT accounting, for example in vending.


Transparent Channel Application (TCA)

FEIG has been in the RFID business for around 30 years and knows how widespread closed-loop accounting systems are and what quality such systems must be. In addition to SDKs for creating closed-loop-based applications and a transparent channel in FEIG payment applications for communication with an ISO14443 chip card, FEIG offers the "Transparent Channel Application" another option for customers to communicate with such chip cards - via its own application that operates completely independently of the actual payment application. As a result, the solution is extremely high-performance and can be implemented directly by the system integrator, independently of FEIG and the payment application.



The tokenization ensures that sensitive data such as the credit card number is never used in plain text during the payment process. FEIG terminals generate a token that cannot be converted from each card number, i.e. a replacement number. In addition, the terminals generate an encrypted data record for each transaction, which is sent to the network operator or acquirer (Payment Service Provider, PSP) via a separate channel (E2EE). The encryption algorithm is changed again for each transaction.


Billing of several charging points with ONE terminal

cVEND terminals allow billing of several charging points with one payment terminal. The intelligent implementation of the "pre-authorization & partial cancellation" function allows several customers to charge at the same time. For this purpose, a maximum payment amount is reserved on the host (pre-authorization) and the customer can start charging after choosing his charging point. At the same time, the terminal is released again for the next customer. So while one customer is charging, the next customer can start charging immediately. After completion of the respective charging process, the pre-authorization is automatically terminated and the exact payment amount (less than the pre-authorization amount) is debited from the card account, without the card having to be presented again. 

One terminal can control to 30 charging points and there is no need to equip each charging point with a separate payment terminal.

Hightech - Made in Germany

FEIG ELECTRONIC has been a development partner and specialist in contactless identification (RFID), control electronics, traffic sensors and payment terminals for more than 50 years. From our headquarters in Weilburg, Germany, the ca. 400 people who work for us contribute to technological progress by developing innovative solutions for a wide range of applications and industries.

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